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Going zero waste is a LIFE CHANGING thing. It’s amazing to me how many people are genuinely working to reduce their waste! There are so many awesome people out there trying to make a difference in the world.

Sometimes even when we mean well we truly struggle with the change. That is normal and it is OKAY! We all struggle. I struggle every single day!!!

Zero Waste with kids…. thats truly a challenge. Some days its hard enough to just get your kids fed and dressed for the day. BUT if you prep your diaper bag before you leave you can enjoy a zero waste day out and about with your kids!


1. A change of clothes for each child

No matter how old your child is… or how long they have gone without an accident…. You need extra clothes. The day you go without your child will fall into a pile of mud all while pooping his pants and spilling yogurt on his head.

2. Reusable water bottle for everyone

Both my kids use THERMOS stainless steel water bottles. They are amazing! Click HERE to check them out.

3. Reusable cutlery, straws, bibs, face wipes, and disinfectant spray

Alright so all my reusable cutlery is plastic. I bought it before I stopped buying plastic. It seemed wasteful to throw it out so I have been using it in my diaper bag and for camping! I found some great silicone straws for super cheap and they have been very handy.

I usually have 2 or 3 face wipes as well as disinfectant spray. I like to have disinfectant so I can clean off the table my kids will be eating on. I store it in a small glass spray bottle.

I keep all of this in a small ALVA wet bag that I ordered on Amazon.

4. Wet bag for soiled clothes and diapers

Wet bags are the best thing ever! I have one everywhere. They are aHH MAZING! I store dirty diapers , clothes, and wipes in them. They are great for swimsuits too. I use my Alva wet bags a lot. They are a great price and get the job done. Click HERE to check them out.

5. Cloth diapers

Luludew’s All In one cloth diapers are my go to on the go cloth diaper. They are easy to use and are ADORABLE! Check them out HERE!

6. Cloth wipes and wipe solution

Luludew is my go to for cloth wipes and wipe solution. Their wipe bag sets are so convenient for your diaper bag. Check them out HERE!

& Click HERE to take a look at their wipe solution.

7. Reusable change pad

A change pad is always a necessity if you have a child in diapers. My favourite on the go change mat is from Bambino Mio. Their change pads come in adorable patterns and easily fold to fit in your diaper bag. Check them out HERE!


This ones obvious. Bring food so you don’t have to run over to the nearest fast food joint and deal with all that waste. ( This is my biggest struggle! I LOVE TO EAT OUT..)

I store snacks and sandwiches in reusable snack bags! They are amazing! Say goodbye to Ziploc bags and check out Bumkins snack and sandwich bags HERE!

Remember this is the the essentials list! There will always be more you need… Snow pants, sun hats, sunscreen, toys, soother… you name it.

If you keep you diaper bag packed with the essentials at all times you will be good to throw in a few things and run out the door without a worry!

What are your diaper bag essentials?