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Mother Ease has quickly started to take over my cloth diaper stash. Mother Ease is a Canadian company that has been around since 1991!

They use 100% GREEN ENERGY! That is a BIG deal to most of us cloth-diapering parents.

My go to diaper right now is the Mother Ease Wizard Duo. The Wizard Duo is an all in two diaper. An all in two diaper is a cloth diaper where the absorbent insert is placed or snapped into a waterproof cover. When soiled the insert is removed and a clean insert is put into the same cover.


The Wizard Duo is one of a kind. It is the only diaper out there with an insert that covers the entire diaper cover. The diaper inserts are available in Unbleached Cotton, Bamboo Terry, and Stay Dry Polyester. The Unbleached Cotton and Bamboo Terry inserts both can hold 340mL of liquid and the Stay Dry can hold 425mL. A juice box is 250mL so I’d say they could hold A LOT of pee!

I use the Stay Dry inserts as they can hold the most pee. These inserts are absolutely amazing! They are so soft and they actually feel dry after being on baby for hours!

My favourite part is that the inserts cover the entire diaper. Unlike other diapers we have tried we have not had a single leak!! Even when we have a messy poop the cover remains clean and I am able to continue using it the whole day.


Mother Ease has an amazing selection of beautiful prints and colours for their covers. They are a waterproof polyester shell with 6 snaps inside them to attach the inserts.

The 6 snaps inside can be fairly time consuming at each diaper change. I like knowing everything is secure and won’t be moving around like with some pocket diapers. The cover is so waterproof you can fill it with water and it will not leak AT ALL! Seriously try it!


The inserts and the covers both come in multiple sizes.

Newborn ( 6-12lbs), Small (8-18lbs), Large (18-35lbs), XLarge (35-45lbs), and One Size ( 10-35 lbs).

They definitely have a diaper that will fit your baby.

I bought the One Size diapers, as I didn’t want to have to get new ones as my daughter grows.

These diapers fit my 5-month-old daughter perfectly! Most of the other diapers I have to double and triple check the fit to make sure we will have no leaks. With the Wizard Duo they go on perfect first try. EVERY TIME! This makes me a very happy Mom.


These diapers are pricey but they are quality.

The Small, Large and One Size covers are $19.95 CA each. The Newborn covers are $16.95 CA each and the XLarge covers are $21.95 CA each.

The One Size Cotton inserts are $13.95 CA each and the Bamboo One Size inserts are $15.95 each. The One Size Stay Dry inserts come to $19.95 CA each.

Now keep in mind you do not need a cover for every insert as they can be reused. This means less laundry! HOORAY!


· Adorable
· No leaks
· Full coverage inserts
· A size for every baby
· 6 snaps fully secure insert
· Reusable covers
· Great quality


· Price
· 6 snaps inner snaps to attach insert are time consuming

SERIOUSLY you guys go check out these diapers they are AMAZING! I highly recommend them.

Check out all their diapers HERE !