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Wet bags are a necessity in the cloth diaper world!

You can never have too many. I have two in my diaper bag, one in my laundry room, and one hanging in my upstairs bathroom.

I will definitely be needing more Lil Helper Dry/Wet bags.

Disclosure: Lil Helper sent me this Dry/Wet bag to review. All thoughts are my own. I am honest to the best of my knowledge.

Lil Helper’s Dry/Wet bags are more than just adorable! They have become a must have in my home.

Unlike the other brands I own this bag DOES NOT LEAK!

The wet bag I previously used to store dirty nighttime diapers would get wet on the bottom and eventually leak all over my bathroom floor. YUCK!!

This bag stays dry for days! Even when I rinse my diapers before placing them inside.

I actually filled my Dry/Wet bag up with water and it didn’t feel wet until it was about 1/4 full! NO LEAKS!!!

This bag is amazing to have around because it has two compartments.

The front smaller section is for dry items. It is designed to hold 6 diapers.

The larger section in the back is for wet items.

This allows you to store both clean and dirty diapers in one bag. It makes it ideal for when your out and about. It also has a Snappable loop allowing you to hang it where ever you like.

This bag is so much bigger than it looks. You could even use it as your diaper bag.

This is what I could fit inside the front smaller pocket:

  • shirt and pants for my son
  • shirt and pants for my daughter
  • 2 extra pairs of underwear for my son
  • 2 Lil Helper diapers
  • 2 Extra diaper inserts
  • baby wipes
  • a granola bar for my son
  • a toy for my daughter

There was still room left and thats just in the front compartment. I saved the back for dirty diapers or dirty clothes.

Lil Helper’s Dry/Wet bags can be used for so much more than just cloth diapers.

They are great to take to the swimming pool or the beach. They would be amazing as a bag for sleepovers , for at the gym, or to have handy in your diaper bag in case your kiddos clothes get soiled.

I plan on replacing all my wet bags with Lil Helper Dry/Wet bags. Plus buying some extra. One for each kid for when they have sleepovers at their grandparents and a few for when we go on vacation. I love that I can keep easily keep clean and dirty clothes separate.

What will you use your Dry/Wet bag for?

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