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Lately I have been really trying to make a conscious effort to reduce my families household waste and plastics. Plastic wrap or plastic baggies are so convenient in the moment but so wasteful. Plastic never goes away! That’s why I use Etee wax wraps.

Isn’t it time we said NO to plastic?

I think so!

Saying no to all things plastic is definitely a big challenge . Trust me … I know. It’s something I am really struggling with.

BUT saying NO to all one time use plastics isn’t so hard!

Especially when you shop ETEE wax wraps.

Everything Touches Everything Else (Etee) is a Canadian company that sells organic and reusable wax wraps , sandwich bags, and other seriously amazing PLASTIC FREE items.

Disclosure: ETEE sent me their food wraps to review. All thoughts are my own. I’m honest to the best of my knowledge.

You guys! These wraps are a serious game changer.

What are Etee Wax Wraps made of?

They are made from organic cotton fabric infused with organic beeswax, coniferous tree resins, a small amount of non-gmo soy wax, organic jojoba oil, and organic essential oils.

They are completely non toxic.

Which means I can feel good about wrapping my kids food in them.

How do They work?

1. Activate them

-To activate the Etee wraps you roll them into a ball until they get warm. This makes them stick.

2. Wrap and Seal your food

-Use them for snacks, sandwiches, cooked meats, cheese, bowl toppers ect.
( Do not use them for raw meats and DO NOT heat them)
-Use them to wrap foods you are freezing for 30 days or less.
-Make sure you let hot foods cool down before wrapping them
Etee wraps stick to themselves and provide you with an amazing seal!
-To get the Etee wraps to stick to a bowl or plate be sure that you stick it to itself and not just the bowl.

3. Wash them

-To wash Etee wraps run them under cool water and wash with an alcohol free dish soap
(Do not use warm or hot water)
-Hang to dry or dry with a dishtowel.

How long do Etee Wax Wraps last?

Etee wraps last for 120-150 uses depending on what you use them for.

Freezing them seems to reduce their life.

How do you dispose of Wax Wraps?

Since Etee wraps are completely biodegradable you can cut them up and throw them in your compost when they run out of life.

Do They Keep food fresh?

YES! So much better than plastic wrap!

I wrapped asparagus in one of my Etee wraps and completely forgot about it for weeks and it was still fresh when I found it!

Typically my asparagus goes bad after 4 days!!!

I am in LOVE with my Etee wraps.

They really work! In my opinion they work WAY better than plastic wrap.

They actually stick and create an amazing seal for your food giving it a way longer life.

I can cover a cup of water with my Etee wrap and hold it upside down and there are NO LEAKS!

Plastic wrap can’t do that!

We need to protect our planet. It’s time we made a change.

Let ETEE help you take your first steps to saving our home.

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