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5 Daily affirmations for kids to encourage self-love

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If you would have asked me 5 years ago what my main focus was as a parent, I would have told you to raise polite and obedient children. If you were to ask me now what my main focus as a parent is, I would tell you without a doubt it’s to teach my children to love themselves unconditionally. Reciting daily affirmations for kids has been a great way for me to encourage self love in my children.

The past two years have been huge for my self-growth. A big part of this process for me was incorporating daily affirmations in my morning routine.  Repeating positive affirmations each morning has added so much positivity into our lives.

Did you know that almost 80% of the thoughts we have in a day are negative?

It’s no wonder that the amount of children dealing with depression and anxiety is growing each year.  Daily affirmations for kids promote wellness, encourage an inner calm, boost self-esteem, promote self-growth, and prevent negative thinking. Start with the 5 daily affirmations listed below to help encourage self love in your children.

All positive affirmations in this post are from Glow Your Worth an Affirmation and Gratitude Journal to Ignite Unconditional Love written by Sonia De Fazio

Positive Daily Affirmations For Children

I am enough.

What I say is enough.

What I do is enough.

What I have is enough.

Who I am is enough.


I am worthy.

I know my worth.

I glow my worth.

I am worthy of it all.


I am worthy of being me

I am excited to show the world exactly who I am.

I own my strengths.

I own my weaknesses.

I come as I am.


I allow.

I surrender.

I cherish.

I embrace.

All of who I am meant to be.


I am worthy of trusting my intuition.

My intuition teaches me. 

My intuition guides me.

I already hold all the answers. 

These daily affirmations for children will help encourage self love in both you and your kids.  Practice rehearsing one of these positive affirmations each morning with your children and watch their confidence grow.  Write them out and put them on your fridge or mirror, and have your kids recite them out loud. These 5 daily affirmations for kids will help your children discover their worth.

Check out all 222 affirmations in Sonia’s book Glow Your Worth. These affirmations are written for anyone looking to fall back in love with their true selves. The Glow Your Worth gratitude and affirmation journal is available on amazon.com and amazon.ca

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