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If you have access to a bulk store you have hit a zero waste goldmine!

Shopping in bulk allows you to buy so many amazing foods completely waste free .

If you’ve never been to a bulk store you are missing out ! It’s amazing the amount of stuff they actually have.

You can get :

pasta, rice , beans , lentils , flour , candy , chips , snacks , spices , nuts , pancake mix , fig bars , cereal , trail mix , sprinkles , powdered sauces , and so much more .

They have such a huge variety of items. The pasta section alone is amazing !

They have:

Quinoa noodles , veggie noodles , rice noodles , lentil noodles , regular noodles , noodles in all shapes and sizes !

My go to lazy day lunch for my kids is quinoa macaroni with a powdered cheese sauce from bulk barn . Waste free Mac and cheese for the win . Plus is tastes way better than KD!

Ever since I started shopping in bulk I’ve been baking a lot more . They have so many different items to bake with . It’s so fun to experiment . I didn’t even realize almond flour was a thing!

When my zero waste journey started bulk shopping overwhelmed me. It seemed like a lot of work and I didn’t think I was organized enough… which is funny because I’m an extremely organized person . My anxiety often gets the better of me .

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or you just don’t know where to begin this post is for you!

How to shop at Bulk Stores

Get Jars or Bags

Most my jars are old peanut butter and pasta sauce jars. Yogurt containers , old plastic Tupperware , and any other random containers work great too !

If you don’t have a collection of jars yet you can buy Mason Jars almost anywhere.

Well.ca has a great selection of jars . (Click HERE for US link.)

I personally love IKEA for all their jars . They have huge jars which come in handy when you need a lot of something .

If you are getting items like pasta and rice produce bags or any cotton bag work great!

I personally prefer to keep it simple and just use jars. (Click HERE for US link.)

When shopping for jars try to get ones that have a wide mouth so that’s it’s easier to scoop items into them .Some stores have stricter policies with this to decrease the risks of contamination .

I personally have never had an issue

Most bulk stores such as Bulk Barn sell jars in all shapes and sizes but they will not allow you to buy a jar there and use it right away . You have to take them home and wash them first .

Place all your jars neatly in a reusable grocery bag or bin. That way it’s easy for you to carry everything in and out . I use these! ( US link)

Bulk stores typically have carts which makes life a whole lot easier.

Weigh your Jars

This step happens once you are at the store. Go to the cashier with your jars and get them to weigh them for you .

They will use a chalk marker or a sticker to write the weight on the jar for you.


Go shopping ! Have fun !

Seriously explore the store and everything they have to offer .

Every time I go I find something new and exciting .

Write Down Each Items Code

I carry a chalk marker ( US link) with me every time I go . That way I can write down an items code on the jar. This makes checkout a lot easier for the cashier .

If you forget your marker or don’t have one you can always take pictures on your phone .


Go to the cashier and pay .

Since you have the code neatly written on your jar this should be easy !

Go Home

Put everything away neatly and admire the beauty of a waste free pantry !

That is it ! You did it !

Now look at your receipt and do a little dance because it was so cheap !

Are you brave enough to attempt a zero waste bulk shop?