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I’m in a lot of zero waste and vegan groups on Facebook and I’ve notice that most people need help coming up with breakfast ideas .

I used to be a huge egg eater but since working towards a plant diet I have stopped eating them . There was an adjustment period but now I have my breakfasts down .

Breakfast is my favourite meal . Well all meals are honestly . I love to eat !

I’ve never been one to skip a meal especially not breakfast .

These breakfast ideas are not only what I eat but they are what my kids eat as well . They are filling and have tons of nutrients to keep you healthy .

6 Zero Waste + Plant Based Breakfast Ideas

1. Toast With Nut Butter, Chia Seeds , and Lots of Fruit

This is my go to for the kids ! It’s easy and so healthy !

Nut butters like peanut butter and almond butters are filled with protein , healthy fats , calcium , and iron .

Peanut butter has more protein and almond butter has more calcium and iron .

Be aware of the sugar content. I like to buy the natural options to avoid unnecessary sugar . Check out my fav peanut butter HERE and my favourite almond butter HERE .

These are my go to if I haven’t had a chance to bulk shop .

Chia seeds are great on toast . You don’t even taste them but they are loaded with calcium , iron , magnesium ,fibre , and protein ! Just check your teeth after!

Learning to make your own bread is great for the planet and your wallet . Sometimes though it’s not possible . When I’m not making my own bread I buy bread loaded with grains and flax .

Flax is very high in fibre .

I plan to experiment making my own grainy breads soon . Once I have it mastered I’ll be sure to share .

Bagels are also delicious !

Always have a side of fruit ! Can’t go wrong with that .

2.Cheerios with Oat Milk , Ground Flax Seeds , and Fruit

I love Cheerios ! They are so yummy and are a source of fibre , vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium , vitamin B12, zinc , magnesium , and tons more .

I buy mine in bulk to avoid any packaging .

Oat milk is by far my favourite plant based milk and it has the smallest impact on the environment .

Making your own oat milk is apparently really easy . Just google DIY oat milk and you are set !

I chose to buy store bought Oat milk because it is fortified with vitamins and minerals I feel are important in my children’s diets .

I sprinkle a tablespoon of ground flax seeds that I buy in bulk on top of the Cheerios and oat milk then put some fruit on top!

My son will have 3 bowls !!! It’s his favourite !

3. Bagels with Vegan Cream Cheese , Hemp Hearts , and Fruit

Bagels have and always will be my favourite thing !

There’s just no topping them .

I have seen a few people make their own but honestly I have no desire .

Every grocery store I’ve been to has bagels in bulk by the bakery . I typically grab the flax or multigrain bagels and put them in my own cotton bag .

Just a reminder carbs are your friend! They provide so much nutrients and give you so much energy .

It’s refined carbs you should limit .( pastries, white bread, white pasta, white rice ect.)

Vegan cream cheeses are typically made with cashews or tofu. They can be easily found at most grocery stores . If you are unsure if you will like them you can always buy one to test it out . Once you know what you like it is best to make your own as the store bought options always come in plastic .

My favourite store bought cream cheese is Toffuti. You can buy it at Safeway in the fridge with all the other dairy free and gluten free options .

THIS is my go to tofu based home made cream cheese & THIS is my favourite cashew based cream cheese . I think a combination of the two would be amazing! I plan to do some experimenting soon.

I always sprinkle hemp hearts ( hemp seeds) on top . They are loaded with protein , omega 3, omega 6, iron , and magnesium. Most grocery stores sell them packaged but you can also buy them in bulk .

Then of course some fruit on the side and you will be full for hours .

4. Avocado Salsa Toast With Pumpkin Seeds and Fruit

Avocados are a super food ! They are a great source of healthy fats , vitamins C, E, K, vitamin B-6, magnesium , potassium , and so much more !

I always mash up the avocado with some salsa. I either make the salsa or buy it in a glass jar.

Put it on some toast and sprinkle some pumpkin seeds on top.

I love pumpkin seeds and you can get them in bulk .

Pumpkin seeds are high in protein , fibre , and good fats !

& as always fruit.

5. Tofu & Chickpea Flour Scramble

I don’t make this one often because it’s a bit more work and tofu does come packaged. It tends to be my weekend breakfast .

Tofu is made out of condensed soy milk . Lots of tofu’s are GMO. I chose to buy organic non GMO tofu because there have not been enough studies done on GMO‘s and human health .

Tofu contains all of the essential amino acids your body needs. It is high in protein and it provides fats, carbs, and a lots of vitamins and minerals such as calcium.

Tofu is an item I chose to buy even though I haven’t been able to find a waste free alternative.

Tofu scrambles can be made so many different ways . If I’m choosing to add veggies I always fry them up for a few mins then crumble up extra firm tofu with my hands and throw it in the pan.

I like to add back pepper , nutritional yeast , turmeric , garlic powder ,and sometimes salsa & hot sauce .

I usually use 1/4 a block of tofu for 1 person .

Chickpea flour scrambles are easy and delicious as well. I buy my chickpea flour in bulk. Mix some of the flour with the same spices as you would the tofu , add a little bit of water until it creates a paste, then fry it up like you would scrambled eggs.

I like to combine both tofu and chickpea flour for my scrambles. They go really great together.

You can eat it by itself , on toast , or as a breakfast burrito .

6. Chickpea Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Fruit

I‘m not a pancake fan . Never have been but my son has an obsession .

I make my pancakes from scratch using chickpea flour .

THIS is my go to recipe .

its gluten free and vegan !

You can buy all the ingredients except the plant based milk in bulk!

Maple syrup adds a lot of flavour and usually comes in glass .

Throw some berries on top and enjoy !

Those are my 6 go to breakfasts for my whole family and all the kids in my day home. The kids always eat everything and I’m happy because I know they are getting nutritious real food and we are doing our share for the planet. What is your go to breakfast?