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We just finished our 4th camping trip of the summer with 2 little kids….
Though I have struggled to be completely waste free while camping I have managed to significantly reduce our waste. It takes work but it is so worth it when your garbage bag at the end of the trip is almost empty!

6 Ways to Reduce Waste CAMPING

1. Don’t Buy New

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in buying all new beautiful camping gear. It just isn’t necessary. Use old pots and pans or run to a thrift store and see what you can get there. Thrifting is a good way of giving items a second or third life before they go to the landfill or get recycled. My husband and me both use to go mugs for our morning coffees that I bought for under $2!

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2. Do Dishes

Instead of disposable plates, cutlery, and cups bring plates you can wash and reuse. You have to wash your pots anyways… what’s a few extra plates? Be sure you have a good dishwashing set up. You want to make it as easy as possible for yourself.

3. Prepare your Meals

Prepare all or most your meals a head of time. This doesn’t only make your cooking quick and easy but It prevents you from eating unhealthy packaged foods. Anything that you would normally eat as leftovers are great for camping. Strifry’s, curries, any rice or pasta dish, chili, soup or anything you can make ahead of time in the crock pot makes for a great camping meal. Just put it in a pot and heat it up.
I always cut up cucumbers and carrots for a quick and easy snack instead of buying the excessively packaged snack sized veggies.

4. Buy Your Snacks In Bulk

Camping means a lot of snacking… and I mean a lot. All I want to do is eat junk non stop. Before every camping trip I go to Bulk Barn and buy all kinds of zero waste goodies. I always buy: animals crackers, bits & bites, trail mx, and pretzels.They have such a wide variety of stuff its amazing.

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Zero Waste Snacks For Kids

5. Bring Cloths, Rags, & Dishtowels !

You can never have too many cloths and rags… especially with kids. You don’t need paper towel and baby wipes to stay clean. Water and a cloth work just fine. I store my dirty rags and cloths in a wet bag and hang it on our outdoor stove. Be sure to bring an extra wet bag for dirty rags and cloths.

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6. Bring Jugs Of Drinking Water

Don’t feel like you need to go buy trays of disposable plastic water bottles to get you through the trip. Instead fill up a few jugs of water and use reusable water bottles. This one is so easy to do and truly makes a huge difference.

Zero Waste Camping Checklist For The Whole Family

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Camping is one of our favourite things to do as a family. Nothing beats spending your days outside exploring nature with your family.