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I have two kids and I run a home daycare. My house is filled with young kids constantly. One thing I’ve learned is that all toys are not made equally. Many toys are made from cheap, toxic materials and they inevitably end up in the landfill. Not only does this waste your money, but it also destroys our planet!

“There is no such things as away. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.”

– Annie Leonard

I discovered Lovevery about 6 months ago and really fell in love. I love their motto “Playtime with Purpose”. They use a holistic approach to playtime and partner with experts to provide a Montessori style experience for kids. Now most of our toys are from Lovevery.

The children in my day home range from 1 to 4 and every single one of them love our Lovevery toys. The toys get played with each day and the kids are always finding new fun ways to use with them. I decided to partner with them to share with you why I love them so much.

Disclosure: Lovevery gifted me their play kits in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Why I love LOVEVERY’s Sustainably made Play kits & Toys

1. Environmentally Friendly

This is a big one for me.

I love knowing a company is doing its share for the planet. I struggle in most toy aisles these days. It’s hard to find toys that encourage learning and are made from eco-friendly materials.

The majority of Lovevery’s toys are made from wood that is sourced from FSC-compliant sustainable sources. Their fabrics are made from 100% cotton and all their plastics go beyond global safety standards for babies and children.The toys go through tests to ensure they are free of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and phthalates.

Lovevery also invests in carbon reduction projects to offset the carbon they emit when shipping their products.

I wish more companies did that!

It’s so important to support companies that are working towards a greener future instead of against it.

2. Quality

Nothing makes me more frustrated than when items don’t last. Companies don’t seem to make nice quality products that last anymore.

That’s where Lovevery is different. Unlike the majority of toy companies, Lovevery takes pride in the quality of its products.

Their products are made thoughtfully using quality materials; they are made to last.

Their toys will last through constant play from kids of all ages.

All our Lovevery toys are surviving my home daycare! And believe me, not all the kids play gentle.

This means instead of each toy going to the landfill when your child is done with it they can be reused for multiple children and even donated.

Giving items a second or even third life is a great step towards a greener life.

3. Stage Based

When I first became a mom I had no idea what toys my son needed. I ended up buying him way too much because I was always afraid it wasn’t enough.

I wish I would have known about Lovevery back then because their play kits have been designed by experts for each of your child’s stages. This takes the guessing out of what toys your child needs giving you one less thing to worry about.

We all know the worrying never stops once you become a parent.

Lovevery has play kits and toys for 0 weeks to 3 years old.

They can be bought individually or you can subscribe to be sent stage based play kits every 2-3 months.

4. Montessori Inspired

The Montessori method is a method of education that has really inspired me and how I raise my children / run my home daycare. Montessori is an individualized approach to education, it encourages independence and a desire for exploration.

Lovevery play kits are Montessori inspired! They stimulate your child’s imagination making them eager to learn. It’s so important to me to know that the kids are learning through play. It is a child’s job to play and explore the world around them. Lovevery makes this possible.

5. Open Ended

Often the toys that look the most stimulating to kids (flashy, electronic, plastic items) offer very little when it comes to creative play. I look for toys that will inspire each child’s imagination and encourage learning.

Open-ended toys are toys that can be played with in many different ways. Each child is able to explore and learn as they discover new ways to play.

Lovevery toys are open-ended. They offer more play opportunities for your child’s imagination to grow. With the toys they curate, play is up to your child and how they decide to play that day. Best of all the toys grow with your children. I can use them for kids as little as one all the way up to my four-year-old.

6. Attractive

I don’t know about you but I care what my house looks like. I take pride in keeping a clean, stylish home. Often toys are junky and just plain ugly.

Lovevery’s play kits and toys are not only educational, imagination inspiring, and eco-friendly; they are also gorgeous. I love that they incorporate natural wood as well as bright beautiful colours. Their toys make a great addition to any modern and minimalist home!

Lovevery toys are designed by teachers, psychologists, child development experts, and more. Each play set will inspire a love for learning in your child, and they offer stylish, practical, and eco-friendly solutions for play in your home. I just LOVE Lovevery! They make it so easy to create “Playtime with Purpose”. My kids have learned to play independently and have no need for screen time. I love that I can sit down with each child while they play and help them learn and discover new things each day. Be sure to checkout LOVEVERY the next time you need a toy for your child! & don’t forget to sign up for my email list to be the first to get updates on my posts!