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It has been over 100 nights since Endy gifted us our king-sized mattress and pillows. We have been well rested ever since. Nothing compares to Endy!  

Though out King mattress is brand new we have been sleeping on an Endy mattress for 3.5 years now.

We bought our queen sized Endy when I was pregnant with our daughter. My pregnant body couldn’t handle our old and worn out mattress anymore. Switching to Endy was the best decision we could have made for our sleep & our bodies. Within a week of getting our new mattress, both Nick and myself experienced relief from body pains we thought we would have to suffer through forever. Nick’s chronic back pain went away, my constant knots and lower back aches vanished, and my pregnancy related sciatica drastically improved.

6 Reasons I love ENDY! 

1. Canadian 


One great thing I’ve learned since the pandemic started is that supporting Canadian companies is a great way to impact our economy in a positive way. 

Another reasons to shop Canadian companies is that we can be sure the products have met Canadian safety standards and are safe for us to use. 

The Endy Mattress is made in Canada! Of course, shopping products made in our own country is better for the environment. Local products don’t have as large of a carbon footprint due to not needing to be transported as far.

2. Vegan/ Cruelty-free

Endy’s products are VEGAN and 100% cruelty free! As someone who strives

to reduce their impact on the planet, knowing that no animals are harmed in

order for me to get a good nights sleep, helps me sleep at night. 

3. Outrageously comfortable 

I have never slept as well as I do when I am sleeping on my Endy. It’s gotten to the point that we might just need to order an Endy for our trailer.

Nick is extremely picky about his mattresses. For years he struggled to get a full nights sleep. His body hurt constantly and he was just always tired. Ever since we made the switch to Endy, he sleeps amazing! 

Endy mattresses are firm enough to offer your body the support it needs but still cozy and comfy. Not to mention there is ZERO motion transfer…which is great for Nick because I move around a lot in my sleep! 

Our only real complaint is that now it’s a struggle to sleep anywhere but home! 

4. Helps keep you cool

I HATE the heat. We don’t have air conditioning and summer nights can get so HOT! 

Endy’s mattresses have breathable open-cell foam that allows for better airflow than your traditional memory foam mattress. This helps you stay cool while you sleep.

5. Gets delivered right to your door

Of course, not needing to worry about delivery is a BIG win! 

Your mattress and products will get delivered right to your door in a box! All you have to do is carry it to your bedroom and open it up! It really is that easy.

6. 100-night Trial


There really isn’t a risk when purchasing an Endy. If after 100 nights you think the Endy Mattress isn’t for you, then you can send it back and get a full refund. 

I recommend Endy to everyone! Their mattresses are life changing! 

Plus, if you are looking for the perfect pillow and haven’t found it yet, you really need to check out Endy’s customizable pillows. We bought a lot of very expensive pillows while on the hunt for the perfect pillow but had no luck until we received our Endy pillows.

If you are interested in any of Endy’s products click HERE ! 

Honestly…. Endy will change your life.