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No one wants to mess with a good hair routine. Nice clean hair shows that you take pride in your appearance and yourself.

That’s why I get asked a lot about shampoo and conditioner bars.

You all want to reduce waste BUT you still want to look good. I get it! This is something I was afraid of too.

It took me 3 tries to find the right zero waste shampoo and conditioner.

The first 2 shampoo bars left my hair dull , weighted down, and just ugly.

The first 2 conditioner bars I tired didn’t do the trick. Brushing my hair after my shower was difficult and my hair just didn’t feel healthy.

I finally decided to try UNWRAPPED LIFE. They have a great selection of plastic free and sustainably made products for your hair , body, and home!

To my surprise their products worked!

At the time I was blonde so I bought their detoxifier shampoo and conditioner bars. It helped tone my blonde and kept my hair looking great. ( Shop on well.ca)

I have now tried multiple of their shampoo and conditioners and LOVE them all.

Unwrapped Life even has an option for kids!!

Be sure to check out UNWRAPPED LIFE on well.ca or if you’re in Calgary go check them out at the Grinning Goat Vegan Boutique on 17th ave.

So why bother making the switch?

5 Reasons to Switch to Zero Waste Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

1. Plastic Free

Shampoo and conditioner bars come with minimal packaging and zero plastic!

Over 500 million shampoo bottles are produced annually, most ending up in a landfill or our oceans.

How many bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash do you go through in a year?

I used to go through at least 10 of each! That means since becoming an adult I have used 270 plastic bottles just for my hair and body. That is horrifying.

Just this one small swap will drastically lower your environmental impact. That is always worth it.

2. Better For Your Hair – No Toxins

Shampoo and conditioner bars are better for your hair. They are not filled with unknown ingredients, toxins, and are SLS ( sodium lauryl sulphate) free.

They are safe for the whole family and gentle on your hair.

All the natural ingredients will work wonders on your locks.

3. Concentrated – So They Last

Making the switch might seem pricy at first but in reality it will save you money.

Because shampoo and conditioner bars are so concentrated they last a long time.

1 bar = about 3 liquid bottles!

Zero waste is about consuming as little as possible. The less you have to buy the better. That is why It’s always worth it to buy things that last.

4. Save Space

Other than reducing waste my favourite thing about shampoo and conditioner bars is how much space I am saving in my shower.

Between kids toys, my shampoo and conditioner, my husbands shampoo, my kids shampoo, and body wash our shower was over flowing.

Now our shower has 1 shampoo bar, 1 conditioner bar, 3 bar soaps, and 1 shave bar. That’s it!

It’s so nice when you get in the shower and a bottle of conditioner doesn’t fall on your toes.

5. Great For Travel

Travelling with zero waste shampoo and conditioner is so easy. They are light and small and easy to throw in any bag.

Unwrapped life sells some great travel tins or you can get some on amazon.ca or amazon.com.

The amount of plastic bottles filled with horrible ingredients I used to have in my shower makes me sick. It’s been almost a year and a half now since I made the switch and I will never go back.

When I first made the switch I felt anxious about how to store them in my shower. I looked online everywhere but there wasn’t many answers. So here are my pointers.

How to Store Shampoo & Conditioner Bars In Your Shower

Just like bar soap you want your shampoo and conditioner bars to dry after each use. This means they need to properly drain.

I store my shampoo, conditioner, shave bars, and bar soap on a hanging rack in my shower!

That way they stay dry and away from water unless in use. You do not want your bars stored anywhere where they will constantly be getting wet.

You need to make sure you store your bars in a well draining soap dish (US link) or soap saver. ( US link). When buying a soap dish I personally would stay away from anything breakable in the shower. Wood is a great choice.

I use Soap Savers.

They work amazing. My bars are always dry when I need them.

Soap Savers are plastic ( I bought them before I started this journey) but they last forever. They can easily be washed and cut to the size you need.

I even use them for dish bar soap!

CORK is also another great option. I bought SAXBORGA Jars from Ikea. The Cork Lids and base are great for keeping bars dry! I store my Konjac exfoliating sponge ( US link) & face bar soap on them. Ikea also sells cork coasters that you could use.

Switching to plastic free shampoo and conditioner is so rewarding. I love how minimalist my shower is now. Gone are the days of a cluttered shower and bathtub.

Don’t forget that there will be an adjustment period. If you are not already using a natural toxin free shampoo your hair might need time to adjust. My hair personally didn’t but I have heard it can take up to a month for your hair to start acting normal.

Let me know in the comments what shampoo and conditioner bars you have tried or why you haven’t made the switch yet!