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Rain or shine we play outside.

Going outside when it’s cold doesn’t come natural to me. I’m that girl who used to hide in the bathrooms during recess to avoid being outside. But as time went on I learned to love it.

Being outside calms me. My kids too.

Sometimes it’s a fight to get the kids ( and myself ) out the door, sometimes we only go outside for a few minutes, but it’s always worth it.

There is so much exploring and learning to do out there.

Sometimes on the bad days it doesn’t feel worth it, but if we only go out on nice days our kids are missing out on so much!

Getting fresh air and exploring the world around us even when the weather is bad is a great learning experience for everyone.

Why You Should Take Your Kids Outside Even When The Weather is Bad

1. Develops Resilience

Going outside on those cold winter days, those rainy spring mornings, those windy Alberta nights they help kids develop resilience.

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

Going outside when the weather is bad doesn’t always come naturally but it teaches your kids to handle the elements, to keep going when things get tough, and to have fun even when the situation isn’t favourable.

2. Develops a Love of Nature and Each Season

The first step in showing our kids how to protect our planet is to help them develop a love for nature and it’s beauty.

Once they feel a true connection to the outdoors the desire to take care of the earth comes naturally.

Each season has it’s own beauty and gives children amazing opportunities to explore what the earth has to offer.

3. Prevents / Helps With Sensory Issues

When my son was a toddler he really struggled with textures. His socks had to be a certain fabric, he wouldn’t walk on sand, and if he had anything “dirty” on his hands he would melt down.

As he gets older these issues are starting to go away. The more time he spends outside the more he has started to enjoy getting a little dirty.

Playing with sticks, digging in the dirt, building a snowman, splashing in puddles, making mud pies, and looking for bugs are all great sensory activities for kids!

All sensory activities are FREE outside!

4. Keeps Children Physically Active All Year

One of the BEST things you can do for your children is to make getting physical activity a normal part of their day. That way as they grow up they will be in the habit of moving their bodies.

A great way to do this is to get outside regardless of the weather. Let them burn some energy and develop amazing life long habits!

5. Daily Outdoor Time is Great For Everyones Mental Health

Daily outdoor time has been proven to help with depression, anxiety, help people focus, and just experience a positive mood boost.

There really isn’t a negative! Even 10 minutes each day can make a huge impact!

If you ask me rain is my favourite weather. I love to run in the rain and splash in puddles. When it starts to rain my inner child comes out. Some of my favourite childhood memories are from rainy days, snowy days, or just plain freezing days!

I want my kids to have those memories too. I want them to develop a love for the outdoors and for what our planet has to offer. There is something about being outside that really brings me to life.

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